VoIP and IP Telephony, PBX and IP PBX

Differences Between VoIP and IP Telephony, PBX and IP PBX

Telephone is not only a means of communication, it is already an integral part of our daily life. The definition of telephony has expanded greatly today and it can’t be compared with the telephone which invented Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. It is defined as the science of transmitting voice, data, video, or images over a distance that is greater than one can shout. The main reason is th ...

August 26 2014

Types of Voip Connections: Pc to Phone

VoIP Connections

As you may already know, VoIP industry is offering a number of different ways to connect to the world. This includes pctophone, PC to PC, Web to PC and other types of VoIP services. To make the process of VoIP clear for you, from now on we will talk about each of the above mentioned VoIP services in detail.

July 11 2011

The Benefits of Voip

VoIP technology

Most recently, telephone networks and IP-based networks have existed independently from each other and performed different functions. Currently, the VoIP technology allows combining both types of networks, while the IP-telephony, based on this technology, has incorporated it’s benefits.

Low cost of communication (especially for long distance ...

June 06 2011

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