Top 3 Voip Security Threats

voip security

One of the previous posts spoke about how safe is your VoIP connection, however before you really understand how safe it is, you need to know what makes a potential threat to voice over internet protocol connection.

There are a lot of factors that disrupt the secure performance of VoIP and once you’re aware of VoIP security attacks, you can avoid them.

Below are three the most com ...

December 05 2011

VoIP Availability

Voice over IP

Just as in the traditional telephone network, users of Voice over IP (VoIP) receive a phone number from the provider which they can use to get calls. However, there are several problems that are connected with the technical features of Voice over IP. One problem is that when using VoIP it is impossible to determine the number. This is important, for example, for calls to emergency numbers.

September 12 2011

Voicebuy Services