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Who we are

Voicebuy is a leading international wholesale VoIP termination and origination provider and Business VoIP provider. We provide our customers with the best VoIP services available at competitive rates.


What we offer

Voicebuy offers its customers number of VoIP services, including Wholesale VoIP Termination, Local and Toll- free DID numbers, Business VoIP Solutions – Hosted or Virtual PBX, IP PBX for small business enterprisesVoIP Mobile Dialer, Calling Card and Pinless services, VoIP Switch Partitioning, SIP Trunking.
Voicebuy unique and feature-rich private label VoIP reseller program gives you an opportunity to get your own website and provide VoIP services without making any global investment.


Voicebuy – your reliable business VoIP provider

Nowadays every big and small business needs VoIP communications because it is not only cheaper but more efficient and versatile. By cooperating with Voicebuy, you will join the list of our successful clients and get the opportunity of making cheap VoIP calls anywhere in the world! 

If you are new to VoIP and want to improve your understanding of this revolutionary technology, don’t hesitate to visit our page “What is wholesale VoIP“.

Voicebuy Products and Routing Plans

Voicebuy Wholesale VoIP Provider offers Standard and Premium quality routing plans. We suggest our customers using the Standard product, in case they have the least cost routing features integrated into their switching system, while our Premium routing plans – Premium and Premium Plus, ensure excellent VoIP route quality at the lowest possible rates.
We guarantee CLI, DTMF delivery and T38 FAX support for 90 % of destinations.
The customer is free to choose the authorization type by inserting a static real IP address or using the automatically generated username and password for SIP registration.
Upon registration, customers gain total control of their VoIP account settings, which means they can add, edit and delete source IP addresses and change the username and password for SIP registration.
Customers can both view and download online CDRs for the last 3 months in a CSV file. Monthly detailed invoices are also available to view and download as a PDF file.
Sign up for free and check out all the advantages Voicebuy offers to its customers.


Standard routing plan is the best solution for price-oriented customers, call shops and VoIP providers. Being a least-cost solution, it ensures the lowest rates and the best possible call quality with acceptable ASR and ACD.


Premium routing plan is the right VoIP route for small and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, VoIP resellers and corporate customers. The product ensures up to 50 % ASR and from 5 to 10 minutes ACD.


Premium Plus routing plan suits small and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, corporate customers and VoIP resellers the best. The product ensures up to 65 % ASR and from 5 to 10 minutes ACD.

Voicebuy MIX

Voicebuy Mix routing plan allows the customer to have a single account, using both Standard and Premium Products. The only specifics is the selection code (prefix). For the Standard Product it is 9991, for the Premium Product - 9992 and for Premium Plus - 9993.

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