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Voicebuy was previously owned by Lisvex Inc. In 2011 a US based company Voice Trader LLC acquired Voicebuy.
Voicebuy started as a small company to make wholesale VoIP termination process automatic and fast for small and medium-sized VoIP providers.

As of 2010 Voicebuy is dealing with around 100 vendors in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa providing them with high - quality VoIP Termination Services together with competitive rates.

In 2013, a team of experienced Telecom professionals led by Voicebuy general Director and CTO Armenak Khachatryan began development and in 2015 released a conceptually new business VoIP system, which was specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, with the aim to make the communications both affordable and efficient.

Using this system, companies can create their own business phone system. Nowadays, by providing the whole package of Wholesale VoIP termination and origination services, as well as by offering a full package of Business and Mobile VoIP solutions, Voicebuy has gained a leading position among the top quality VoIP service providers.


Here at Voicebuy, we believe in Communications and we want it to be accessible to everyone irrespective of social status or geography. Communications have now become as vital for humanity as air and water, that's why its importance is very hard to underestimate.

By providing our customers with quality VoIP solutions at an impossibly affordable price, we give our share towards a more connected world. We value every single customer and do our best to understand his or her wishes.

All our business is organized to satisfy the needs of our customers, to make them feel free and comfortable. Flexibility allows us to exclusively adjust to every situation and every individual and that is the secret of our success.

Our international staff of experts and professionals works closely with our partners and clients to stay constantly tuned to the daily developments in the communications sphere worldwide.

Our Team



Voicebuy team

We pursue our business with honesty and strive for excellence in every details of our work. You are most welcome to become a part of our community.


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    Billing and Finance Officer

    Voicebuy team

    Voice Trader LLC is a dynamically growing company. It’s great to see how a small company becomes a leading service provider by expanding the range of services and increasing the number of customers.


      Marketing Manager

      Voicebuy team

      Nowadays communications get more and more important and I am glad to be part of a team that helps people feel closer to each other, and makes communication easy and affordable for everyone in different spheres of life.


        Account Manager

        Voicebuy team

        Working in VoIP Company as an account manager means responsibilities for client satisfaction. I am trying to manage and develop business opportunities and I’m enjoying it. We all do everything for building qualified network.


          Social Media Manager

          Voicebuy team

          I am working in Voice Trader since 3 years. I love my team and I am really passionate about my work. We care about our customers and social media helps make it easier to create a personal connection between the company and customers.


            Telecom Engineer

            Voicebuy team

            We are constantly improving our system making it stabile and comfortable for the users. The lately released new user interface is an important step in offering new services and meeting the needs of our customers.


              Rate Manager

              Voicebuy team

              In the business world, good communication is important for the daily operation of the company, affects sales and profitability. Our business VoIP solutions are aimed at improving the communication, making it easy and affordable for business.

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