efficient communication and voip

We all know that communications should be efficient. Nobody wants to have bad and inefficient communications. Just in the contrary. Ok, so what is efficient communication and how it is achieved. Surely it is something, which is not falling from the sky; it needs special attention, planning and much effort. Moreover, once established it will not function by itself, it needs constant attention, correction of errors and maintenance.

Who needs efficient communications? Of course everyone, but more businesses, because without efficient communications there is no profit, which itself means that efficient communication equals profit. That is why all normal businesses are interested in efficient communications. Without efficient communication, there is disruption, misunderstanding, decentralization, conflict and eventually a failure. So even though efficient communications can be defined in hundreds of subjective ways, the truth fluctuates between this: efficient communications should be low cost, uninterrupted, with high level of quality and support, and have all modern tools for daily situations in the office. This means that inevitably efficient communication of this and coming centuries will be related to web.

Communications through web happens via VoIP technology

VoIP communications are much cheaper than traditional landline networks. They offer businesses much flexibility and call management through IP PBX systems, which provides such services as auto attendant, various kinds of forwarding (including to Skype) and voicemail, call parking and hunt groups. But whereas you will have to invest means to acquire PBX devices, there is also an option to use free hosted PBX, that is the hardware, which is located and operates at the provider’s premises, and you use only the supporting application.

Small business VoIP solutions will certainly ease your communications processes and make them more effective and less costly. You can acquire VoIP from VoIP wholesale providers. There is a fierce competition between wholesale VoIP providers because the market is growing and VoIP is spreading to most remote areas of the world. This competition makes the prices go down, affects the improvement of service and support as well as compels the VoIP companies to value its clients.

June 01 2015
voip providers in pakistan

I have recently came across an article claiming that Pakistanis are the 4th smartest nation in the world. I do not know which the first from the third are, but that was already interesting to say the less. Once thing is certain that Pakistanis think they are definitely smarter than Indians, but the Indians consider that a joke and think just the opposite. Whatever is the reality, what refers to the ability of finding and using cheap communications these two nations in my opinion are way ahead in the world.
It should be stressed that Pakistanis were among the first to realize the benefits of VoIP communications. Just at the end of 90-ies Pakistanis were already using some sort of VoIP technology to bypass more expensive traditional phone lines. Nowadays, they are plenty of legal VoIP providers in Pakistan all promising cheapest VoIP to Pakistan and from it to elsewhere.

With the introduction and spread of smartphones, VoIP communications in Pakistan became widespread. In general, Pakistanis are obsessed with everything low cost. Pakistani Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which regulates Telecom field in the country, is in constant search of illegal VoIP providers. PTA is under the pressure of Government and legal Telecom business that have invested in VoIP industry and now are losing profit because illegal VoIP providers lowest rates for Pakistan VoIP.

Anyway, Pakistanis enchantment with mobile and VoIP technologies did not run that smooth. During past years, there were moments when the Government decided to suspend various web services. For example in 2013 Pakistani Government ordered YouTube to be blocked in the country after a film offensive to Muslims was published on it. In 2013 another similar action follower this time banning VoIP communications in the country, including such popular brands as Skype and Viber. The issue is how much Pakistani authorities control the usage of VoIP by criminal elements including groups branded as terroristic.

Meanwhile, PTA is taking into consideration the fact that Pakistanis prefer having their own free VoIP apps rather than pay even the lowest cost to download a commercial VoIP app. PTA regularly motivates national IT businesses by giving various awards for achievement in Telecom field. Recently for example it organized 2015 Best Telecom App award ceremony, where Pakistani IT and Telecom Minister Anusha Rahman has said: “We are working for the development of telecom sector on priority basis. The revenue of telecom sector will reach Rs 800 billion in next 5 years, whereas till year 2020 this revenue is expected to reach $4 billion. Government of Pakistan is also establishing tele centers in different areas of the country, especially in rural areas”.

If you are looking for the lowest mobile VoIP rate to Pakistan, you are most welcome to use Voicebuy services. Voicebuy is one of the popular VoIP providers in Pakistan, offering VoIP wholesale services at the most affordable rates. Here you can choose between  Voicebuy Standard and Premium quality routing plans.

Sign up now at Voicebuy  and benefit from cheapest VoIP calls to Pakistan. 

May 13 2015
voip mistakes

Humans are living next to progress and development. Here I mean technological development, which is something that is always happening irrespective whether we are much aware  of it or not. While this is happening in every sphere, technological development in the sphere of communications is very important because we live in the age of communications. So one day you learn that the modern trend in the business communication technology is called a VoIP system and that you as the chief manager of your company will be happy to have more cheap and more advanced technology. This mistakes below, which statistically novice VoIP users do, may help you to avoid them in due time.

1. Failing to understand the basic principles of VoIP

Clever managers must gather at least the basic but sound knowledge as to what is VoIP and how it operates. And ideally they must do it themselves, and not delegate to their employees. This does not mean that you must graduate from some technical faculty to understand VoIP. There is plenty of information out there in Internet, you just need time and firm resolution to understand it.

2. Relying on the equipment already in place

Sometimes, VoIP novices assume that their equipment, which may be good really to withstand the requirements for a good and smooth VoIP. Thus, you should bear in mind that new equipment will be needed. Here is what the expert of DrayTeck Corp. (a company specializing in  Data communication products) Julian Hubble is saying on this issue: Left uncontrolled, traffic becomes congested and VoIP becomes unreliable, resulting in lost calls or unintelligible conversations.  A business-class router with a feature called Quality of Service (QoS) will give all VoIP calls the right level of priority to help ensure other users don’t affect the smooth running of the VoIP service.

3.   Not testing their Internet capabilities before VoIP installation

Certainly you will not want to discover that you broadband Internet connection is cracking under the weight of the VoIP system. If your VoIP provider is ready to consult you on the matter, you can ask their assistance in organizing a pilot system testing to see if the connection will suffice for the excellent sound quality that you want. This especially is relevant if you want to have both VoIP system and Internet to operate on the same quality level. If the connection is not good, you can always opt for a stronger one before installing the full VoIP system.

4. Not paying enough attention to the security issues

Security issues are top priority for a VoIP system just as they are during Internet ordinary use. Not having enough protection may expose your organization to such attacks, which may eventually affect the sound quality, Spamming over Internet and fishing (social engineering techniques) are all used for stealing personal information. That’s why security issues in VoIP are getting wide finding, in particular the University of Alabama recently has conducted a vulnerability research of VoIP in cooperation with such a renown tech company as Cisco for coming up with recommendation on the security improvement especially for VoIP.

5. Failure to devise and have ready a malfunction recovery strategy

All technical systems can get out of order or malfunction this or that way, but a research showed that VoIP systems are capable of quicker recovery from an unexpected outage than the standard phone systems. This may be crucial for commercial companies, where the time needed to recover the Unified Communication systems may affect they efficiency and even income. VoIP systems have the advantage of being fully re-installed in another location in a very short time. This mobility again gives them an enormous advantage over the traditional business phone systems.

March 19 2015
voicebuy customer reviews

Just for those who do not know, Voicebuy is an International VoIP services provider created mainly to make wholesale VoIP termination process automatic and fast for small and medium-sized VoIP providers. The company is dealing with around 100 vendors worldwide, providing them with high-quality VoIP Termination Services, affordable at competitive rates and most favorable prices.

In the past and now again we do stress that the satisfaction of our customers, their comfort and positive feedback is number one priority for our team. Therefore we value your every feedback, be it in the form of a comment or a verbal praise, because that will help us to make our service even better. Below you will find the feedback of some of our customers.

We have not selected them specially, or have asked them to say something nice about us.
Everything is natural and random, as it is in life and as it should ideally be. They come from every country and have different professions. Again, if we produce tons of self-praise, that is just a self-praise, but what others are saying is an asset, which testifies to our work better than our own assessments.

Under each feedback, we have added our own explanation referring to that comment.

“Professional service and friendly customer support. A must to do business with!”
Toni Mayasi(Cyprus)

Voicebuy: Sure, for we strive to make every chain of our operation more and more developed and professional. No customer will put up with a staff, which cannot perform or solve on a professional level.

“I am happy with Voicebuyservices. Route quality is excellent, rates are low and during our long term cooperation we haven’t encountered any serious problems. AlsoI am very pleased with Voicebuy support team. Thank you!”

Steffan Leonardsen(Danemark)

Voicebuy: Not only you Steffan, but all customers are happy with Voicebuy’s services. You are rightly explaining why – low rates and excellent sound quality. And our support team does everything to assure that not a single issue stays unsolved and that everything is clear and plain .

“It’s a very good service, some people from staff have even called me to my cellphone to help me. I give you 5 stars. Thanks!”

Alejandro Pire (Mexico)

Voicebuy: By all means we try to solve any issue on the spot, we understand that every second is vital for the customer. But it for some reason it is not possible to solve the issue on the post, then we can call the customers mobile and tell him/her the solution as soon as there is a working answer. And we do all so that the solution is available

“Good service. Easy and friendly! Had not any problem to use this service.”

Oleg Kobyakovskiy (Ukraine)

Voicebuy: Yes, as Oleg said, we make sure that our service is as easy and plain to the user as possible. That refers both to the registration and the communication itself. Moreover, we value our customers and want to be not only business partners, but friends.

If you want to know more about Voicebuy services, why not visit other VoIP review websites for their own ratings and commentary on our services? To do that, please follow the links below:

If you now have developed your own opinion, please use think link to express yourselves. We shall surely appreciate your feedback or review:

Thank you!

March 10 2015
voip service providers

Because you are here it means you are already interested in VoIP. And you are on the right route! This technology is spreading worldwide as fast as a word of mouth. Why? First of all because it is cheap and at the same time efficient. But beginners usually are afraid to go into too technical issues, and that can make them stay away from a cheaper option for the same service as they use. Here at Voicebuy we make sure the beginning VoIP users are not hindered by the basic questions they may have and that they have certainty they can operate VoIP successfully. Uncertainly breeds fear and doubt. With Voicebuy you will have none of that. If you have any questions now or then, Voicebuy has 24/7 Customer Support Center ready to instruct you or to answer your questions. With Voicebuy you will solve any issue related to your VoIP.

So let’s assume you have finally decided to try VoIP services. What are some basic questions you may have and how they are answered. Follow the text below:

Question: Will I have the same or better sound quality with VoIP as I had with conventional telephone lines?

Answer: Yes, you will have not only the same quality, but even better one. But because VoIP relies on Internet, then your Internet provider becomes the crucial reason whether your VoIP will be as good as land line or not. In any case, there is always the option to change the provider. The other point is that your equipment must be properly set, in any case you can ask you VoIP service provider to connect your VoIP system directly to the modem, which will boost the connection and thus the quality.

Question: Can there ever be any negative situations related to VoIP?

Answer: Yes, for example if electricity or Internet is gone, then you will not have VoIP. But this is not going to happen to you, is it? Unless of course you plan to use VoIP in Amazon river or some African desert, where there may be problems in Internet availability. Plus, many VoIP providers may not include the visit of an expert to set up your equipment at you location. So you have to ask if this service is included in the price or you have to set it yourself.

Question: Can there be any complications, if I use VoIP to call emergency services?

Answer: Yes, because in some countries (for example in the US) the registered address of the caller automatically appears on the operator’s PC screen. So if you for some reason did not manage to give the exact address of your present location (say there is an emergency and an emotional 911 call), then the ambulance will come to your registered address, and not to the hotel you are in at present.

Question: What is the very minimum Internet speed for having normal VoIP

Answer: In reality not huge Internet speed is needed for VoIP (around 100 kilobits for both call directions). Anyway, you must also consider to have a bigger bandwidth if you plan to use Internet as such alongside VoIP services. So it is important to have a good router, but an upload speed around 512 kps would be OK. Also stability is paramount for VoIP, so even if you have little Internet, anyway it must be stable so that VoIP would not be interrupted. There are some technologies to make sure VoIP runs smoothly, one example is Qaulity of Service (QoS).

For more information about Voip check out our FAQ page at

March 04 2015
Acrobits preconfigured providers

Voicebuy, a leading wholesale VoIP termination provider in the market, has interconnections with up to 100 tier 1 carriers and national telecoms. The geographical scope of the company is broadening rapidly and it is getting more and more customers with each passing day, as it strives to provide customers from all over the world with the best VoIP services at competitive rates. Voicebuy users can enjoy a wide variety of VoIP services, such as Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Mobile Dialer,VoIP Switch Partitioning and feature-rich private label VoIP reseller program. Voicebuy offers its services to small and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, as well as corporate customers and VoIP resellers.

Voicebuy as an Acrobits preconfigured SIP provider

Since December 2014 Voicebuy has been in the list of Acrobits preconfigured providers. The Acrobits Sotphone is a SIP supported client which allows users to make calls using their VoIPtalk accounts on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is possible to download the Acrobits Softphone from the iTunes website.

In order to set up your SIP account on Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire, first of all, you should open Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire, when you do this, you’ll be taken to the new SIP account screen, in fact, there are many provider settings preconfigured into Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire, from here simply tap on the name of the SIP provider, if they are in the list, then you can add them by just entering your basic account details.

Acrobits Softphone was developed by Acrobits, a software development company which empowers global telephone network operators, as well as business telephone switch integrators to deliver IP-based voice, video and multi messaging services on smart-phones and tablet computers with the help of Acrobits’ advanced mobile VoIP applications and integrated solutions.

Voicebuy services

As a reputable international VoIP termination provider, Voicebuy offers its customers the following VoIP services, which allow them to make big savings on their daily phone costs.

  • Hosted PBX allows businesses to build their own business telephone network and increase the effectiveness of communication between their offices in different countries.
  • Mobile Dialer is a software application for those users who use mobile telephones as a way to make and receive VoIP calls.
  • Business VoIP helps develop infrastructure that promotes communication among employees throughout the enterprise.
  • SIP Trunking ensures effective management of business communication processes. It enables the direct connection between company’s private branch exchange and Internet telephony service provider through VoIP technology.
  • VoIP Switch Partitioning helps customers and carriers establish their own ITSP services without making any expensive investments or hardware installations.

Voicebuy strives to meet its customers’ needs and to achieve this goal, the company is constantly working hard to provide the best service at most affordable prices. By the end of January Voicebuy will release new and more sophisticated Interface features, which will make it easy for customers to use Voicebuy services.

January 12 2015
business voip solutions

Today one of the latest spin offs of business technology is the Hosted PBX. Thanks to this technology, small and medium-sized businesses have a sophisticated telephone system. The entire telephone system is operated and maintained by a VoIP provider. A Hosted PBX allows employees to work from their house, a hotel or on their cell phone while being connected to the same office telephone system. A virtual PBX is a budget-friendly version of hosted PBX. The popularity of these business VoIP PBX phone systems is increasing tremendously, as these systems transmit calls over the Internet as data and help businesses save a lot of money. That’s why we decided to explore these two business VoIP PBX phone systems and their features in detail.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a service where the call platform as well as PBX features are hosted at the service provider’s location. In fact, end users connect via IP to the provider for voice service.

Hosted PBX offers businesses multiple advantages, here are some of them:

  • Cost Savings- Businesses don’t have to purchase an office telephone system and there is no need to maintain it, as it is operated and maintained by a VoIP provider.
  • Credibility- This system is ideal especially for small businesses, as it gives them instant credibility by presenting their customers with a professional sounding telephone solution. In fact, traditional telephone systems are usually cost-prohibitive for small companies.
  • Ease of Use- With hosted PBX anyone can manage, monitor and make changes in the service at any time, without needing any specialized skills or experience.

Virtual Hosted PBX

Virtual PBX is an economy-class form of hosted PBX. A virtual PBX is mainly intended to provide VoIP solutions for small businesses, usually with fewer than 10 employees and low-volume telephone traffic. This telephone system offers cost-effective business VoIP telephone service to small businesses. Like hosted PBX phone systems, a virtual PBX is operated and maintained off-site by a VoIP provider. A virtual PBX telephone system allows a small business telephone system to access enterprise-level features, like auto attendants and voice-mail. With virtual PBX small business telephone systems and small start-ups can present a professional image to vendors, customers and investors.

Hosted PBX providers. Voicebuy as a leading wholesale Hosted PBX provider

Voicebuy, which is a leading VoIP provider in today’s market, offers its users a chance of building their own business telephone systems. Registered Voicebuy users have the opportunity of upgrading their web access by subscribing to the company’s absolutely Free Hosted PBX. Voicebuy helps businesses build their own business telephone networks and make the communication between their offices in different countries effective by creating a single telephone network with the help of PBX.

If you want to receive incoming calls through PBX, you should get a DID number. Voicebuy offers its customers the option of purchasing  local, mobile or toll-free DID numbers  in over 60 countries worldwide.

Voicebuy Free Hosted PBX features

Voicebuy free hosted PBX systems can offer its customers multiple features. Here are some of them:

  • Call Hold – this service is used to place active call on hold in order to make or receive a second call. While on hold, the party will listen to the music.
  • Follow Me – this service is an option when incoming call will be transferred on multiple destinations. All those destinations may ring simultaneously, randomly or in sequence depending on the configuration. When the call is picked up at one of the ringing destination, other phones stop to ring.
  • Forward to SIP URI – this option forwards the incoming call to the defined SIP URI. You can pick up the call from your soft-phone, IP phone or mobile dialer.
  • Call Waiting – This option allows you to receive an incoming call when you are currently on a call. The caller will hear a ringing tone and you will hear a special beeping on the telephone when the call arrives. You will need to dial a specific key combination on your phone to switch between calls.
  • CLI Management– here you can indicate the caller ID replacement mode using following options:
  • Forwarding to Skype – forward your DID number or an extension to your Skype account and incoming calls will be redirected to your Skype account. Be everywhere and receive incoming calls from anywhere on your Skype, as well as other much demanded features.

It’s time to choose Voicebuy as your Hosted PBX provider and start enjoying multiple features that offers Voicebuy for your business communication.

December 23 2014
voicebuy infographic

Dear Friends! We at Voicebuy have collected some interesting, funny and amusing facts from telecom industry and visualized them in form of an infographic. Read the infograpic and if you would like to share this cool illustration on your website, simply copy the embed code and paste it into the html of any website or blog.

Hello instead of Ahoy

In 19th century people never imagined that a breathless object can make any communicative sound, moreover emit a sound similar to human voice or speech. Whoever claimed it possessed such a thing was risking to be blamed in witchcraft, be ridiculed as a fool or crazy man or may even be prosecuted (gladly it was 19 century, so no burnings would take place). That’s why we can imagine the eyes of the Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro II, who saw Graham Bell’s instrument at Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876, just the year Bell invented telephone. Dom Pedro was amazed and exclaimed – My God, it talks! To which Bell probably answered – Hello!

How mice helped to develop durable wires

From that moment on, the telephone industry began. As there were no mobile those days, every instrument was connected with wires to another. It happened that mice were especially happy about this idea, for they begun interrupting human communications for having the wires as their lunch. Thus, more durable wires were needed to withstand mice and wire industry was boosted. As more and more people were connected with wires, more communications happened and some people just liked it so much they wanted to use it day and night (similar to Facebook). The wires eventually were overburdened, bringing the need to limit conversation time. Therefore near telephones various signs appeared, like “Keep it short” very German style sign near public telephones in Germany from 1943 to 1970.

First SMS message

Getting tired of this wire thing, an American engineer Martin Cooper thought and invented mobile phone in 1973. But these mobiles had no keyboards at first, that’s why when a British software architect Neil Papworth wanted to send the very first SMS message to his friend’s mobile in December 1992, he used his PC. The fist SMS was Merry Christmas. Papworth was working in Sema Group company, who wanted to specialize in text sending systems and was developing a Short Message Sending Center for Vodafone UK. That first message was part of the SMS test work and it did work.

Simon and IBM

As mobile phones developed, first smart-phone appeared in 1993 called IBM Simon. Why they were called Simon nobody guessed, but it had a touch screen, calendar, fax, other apps, which were called features. Now those will be considered obsolete of course, but who cares, for statistics show that people more often use their mobiles as a pocket watch.

Why criminals like VoIP games

Everything went smooth and tidy for telephony, business was in demand and growing. In 1973 however a protocol called Network Voice Protocol was created and in 1974 first voice over IP call was made through ARPANET, which was the kind of Internet of that time. From 1995 VoIP industry begun growing and with more features and possibilities becomes the most needed and cheap communication protocol especially in companies. This could not naturally pass the attention of criminals who like to chat about their evil deeds unnoticed. It became known that some criminal groups are using some games to chat with each other so that police could not find them. With Internet becoming more widespread it is evident that VoIP may eventually replace the traditional telephony altogether.

Funny Facts from Telecom Industry – An infographic by the team at Voicebuy Infographic “Funny Facts from Telecom Industry”

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December 21 2014
mobile voip dialer. how to use voip dialer

Nowadays VoIP has become so easy and sophisticated that it can be used by non-technical people with the equal ease and perfection. But earlier, VoIP technology was used only with the computer device like desktop or laptop. Today things are changing, as the development of Mobile Dialer software application makes the VoIP communication go mobile. Mobile dialer is an application which is installed in a mobile device for making

VoIP calls directly from the mobile using the Internet. Mobile VoIP dialer is available for almost all the mobile operating systems and it uses the SIP platform for establishing connection to the communication network. In fact, today Mobile dialers have removed the traditional VoIP limitation of using PC or other VoIP devices, which are restricted to home environment.

How to make Mobile VoIP call?

To begin with, you should get a Smartphone which is Internet enabled and has a good processing capacity, as in order to have an outstanding sound quality, the processor of your mobile should be of good capacity. Then, you should find a compatible Mobile VoIP Dialer software for your Smartphone and install it on your device. After installing this software application, you should connect your mobile phone with Internet through 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi and get the subscription from a VoIP service provider. So, now you are ready to use VoIP technology on your mobile phone and talk to your family and friends who live abroad without thinking of high international call rates.

Why use VoIP Mobile Dialer?

Mobile Dialer offers users multiple advantages, including:

Voicebuy Mobile Dialer

Being one of the most reputable wholesale VoIP providers in the market, Voicebuy offers its customers high quality products, one of which is the Mobile Dialer. The product gives customers a valuable opportunity to save money and enjoy cheap long distance calls.

Mobile dialer makes VoIP termination process fast and easy and meets even the most demanding customers’ needs.

How to get Voicebuy Mobile Dialer?

Voicebuy is an international Mobile Dialer  Provider.  In order to get Voicebuy Mobile Dialer you should take the following steps:

While registering in the website of the company you will have the option of choosing Standard or Premium VoIP routes and many other opportunities. In fact, the opportunity of choosing the services according to your needs makes the process of using VoIP really enjoyable.

Mobile Dialer anti-block solution

Voicebuy offers a great solution for those Mobile Dialer users who live in the countries where the regular VoIP traffic is blocked. The users from such countries as UAE, Oman, Qatar, Ghana, and also some African countries, where VoIP services are blocked, can’t enjoy all the advantages of IP telephony. But, Mobile Dialer introduces an anti-block solution, so customers from any part of the world can use the VoIP software application on their mobile devices.

If you still have questions on this product, feel free to contact Voicebuy customer support service, that is available at 24/7.

December 19 2014
small business voip

Voice over Internet Protocol has improved in leaps and bounds during the last 10 years. Due to outstanding quality, reliability, great customer service and the growth of high speed Internet availability VoIP wholesale has been embraced by about 6 million USA businesses by mid-2012 (with an average annual growth rate of 18%). In fact, the only requirement to use this telephone system for your business is a Broadband connection, as it sends your voice as “data packets” across the Internet. Affordable prices and multiple features were the driving forces behind the fast growth of business VoIP service as a telephone solution for both small and large businesses. VoIP wholesale is especially popular among small businesses, so today there are many service providers that will try to persuade you that they offer the best product, at the lowest price and with the best customer support.

Small business VoIP service

Small business VoIP mainly works with a hosted PBX model. In fact, the PBX is hosted at the facilities of the small business VoIP providers. Since small businesses are hosting the PBX at the provider’s location, they don’t need to spend a huge sum of money and resources on expensive PBX hardware, software, and maintenance. Thus, a small business VoIP service offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use, full-featured communications solution for your business.

Small business VoIP solutions

Nowadays different companies offer a wide range of small business VoIP solutions, which can benefit small businesses in a variety of ways. Small businesses usually benefit from inherent flexibility that offers VoIP. VoIP solutions generally give small businesses more freedom to configure the service the way they want based upon their needs. Small business VoIP benefits also include:

  • Significantly less expensive phone service than traditional telephone system
  • A small business VoIP telephone system is geared towards small businesses
  • Scalable plans for small businesses that have the potential to grow
  • Most small business VoIP providers usually offer no contract plans

Small business VoIP providers

Voicebuy- a reputable international business VoIP provider

Today the market is full of small business VoIP providers that offer phone systems with amazing features and functionality at cheap prices. These companies mainly support multi-line phone systems, small PBX gateways, as well as hosted VoIP. You are free to choose the best VoIP provider from the many service providers that serve small business. Voicebuy is one of the best VoIP providers in the market, it offers complete and flexible solutions to improve your business communication. Voicebuy business VoIP solutions offer novel approaches to ensure a better run communication both for large and small businesses. VoIP wholesale services offered by Voicebuy are the most affordable means to maintain efficient communication and help you increase your work productivity. Voicebuy delivers a wide variety of converged VoIP services to combine and simplify business communication tools. With advanced functionality and sophisticated VoIP features like PBX, call forwarding and many more, VoIP wholesale serves to meet your business needs.
Regardless of your business size Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider is ready to help you improve your business communication efficiency.

Register for free and check out all the advantages you can get using Voicebuy small business VoIP service.

December 11 2014

Voicebuy Services