wholesale voip termination

Hand in hand with the rapid development of VoIP technology, wholesale VoIP termination is also gaining momentum. VoIP wholesale services are becoming increasingly popular both among public and business sector representatives turning into a primary means of telephone communication. Such wide interest continues to grow towards VoIP services which serve as a reliable communications model with a rather favorable pricing and highly-flexible solutions.
The numerous benefits and advantages of using wholesale VoIP termination have brought it to the forefront of many enterprise communications. The cost-saving advantage is one of the most compelling factors making VoIP wholesale termination so attractive for businesses. In addition to incredible savings on communications costs, VoIP technology combines a wide range of value-added solutions, advanced communication features and great functionality that may be extremely helpful for the productivity of any business.

Wholesale VoIP termination benefits


VoIP wholesale termination is being widely deployed by lots of businesses. Why? The most obvious reason is, of course, the low cost of VoIP services and the incredible savings they bring. As you know, Voice over IP technology (VoIP) delivers voice communications over IP technology through the communication device (computer, mobile device, etc.) that is connected to the Internet. Moreover, expenses regarding VoIP system maintenance, configuration, set up of additional lines are also eliminated since they are managed directly by the wholesale VoIP provider. Here the cost saving potential of using VoIP rather than traditional landline phones becomes more evident.

User-friendly management

VoIP is not only a very affordable communication option, it is also very simple in point of management and deployment at the same time. This is because clients do not have to spend additional time, efforts and money for managing the entire system as it is fully controlled by the wholesale VoIP service provider. VoIP system management is best tailored to customer requirements and may be implemented according to specific needs.

Network expansion capability

Another advantage of wholesale VoIP termination is the capability to expand the VoIP network which increases the mobility in communications. This comes in handy for business employees, partners or clients who are out of office, work from remote locations and need to stay in touch with company’s phone lines. One simple way to keep employees connected from different locations is through call conferencing. This makes it easier for workers to stay mobile at all times and keep in contact with business no matter where they are physically located. The result is the increase in workforce productivity and the expansion of business on a global scale.
Voicebuy is a leading wholesale VoIP termination provider that offers high-quality A-Z wholesale VoIP termination. With Voicebuy wholesale VoIP services both individuals and businesses can get a more complete communications management with minimum efforts and investment. Combining quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our VoIP services will ensure more enhanced voice communications that will serve best for the productivity and the continuity of your business. Get excellent quality worldwide voice termination with Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider and benefit from great savings on your local and international calls.

May 13 2014
small business VoIP

Investment in any business, along with basic costs that are essential for the daily maintenance of business activities, also includes additional charges for communication. Indeed the organization of effective communication with customers, partners and employees is connected with lots of expenses.  The cost of business communications may be extremely high both for local and international calls in case of using traditional fixed phones.
Replacing traditional telephone systems with business VoIP ones may be a great asset for businesses to significantly reduce telecommunication costs. VoIP is a worthwhile communication solution driving greater efficiency, improved performance and big cost savings.

Saving with business VoIP

Cheaper phone calls

VoIP based telephone network transfers calls over the Internet as a result of which calling rates become dramatically lower. As compared with traditional landline phone services, VoIP offers substantial savings not only on local calls, but for international calls as well. Using business VoIP system can really have a positive effect on businesses eliminating calling costs and bringing deeper savings.

Cheaper equipment

The deployment of VoIP services can save businesses a significant amount of resources. Unlike ordinary telephone systems, business VoIP phones may easily be expanded without the need to add extra wires every time a new telephone is to be switched to the network. The system is accessible from all business locations and does not require establishing multiple wires separately for all telephones.
VoIP can also support multiple extensions which, in its turn, saves time and resources for establishing additional lines. Incoming calls can easily be forwarded to the desired extension number running on any communication device. Paying for one line instead of two also lowers monthly phone payments.

Cheaper maintenance

Maintenance related issues and costs are also eliminated since they are usually covered directly by the VoIP provider itself. Technical malfunctions are fixed by the support team bringing your efforts to the minimum.
VoIP has evolved as a reliable communication technology that is capable to drastically cut costs of both domestic and long-distance calls. It has become a cost-saving alternative to traditional landline phone services and is currently being widely deployed by lots of businesses. Business VoIP solutions help to more effectively manage business communication bringing significant benefits for any kind of enterprise.

April 30 2014
data center in Seattle

A service for connectivity

Being connected is what determines today’s business success and failure. The more visible and better connected you are to the other businesses that you rely upon and vice versa. The connectivity has been provided by the internet, yet that which connects the physical locations of each business is also important. We would like to be in face to face contact with clients and other businesses even today. The human touch has not gone yet.

The centre

We are here discussing the service provided by the data centre in Seattle and the main businesses that are influenced by the centre and its capacity both physical and the cloud. It has been in business since 1995 and has proved itself ahead of the competitors ever since. The customer base has grown; the location has also grown many times in order to accommodate all those business that approach them for their service. Sharing of the physical space has been excellently for all these years. It has been able to fulfil the ever increasing demand for secure collocation space for the clients for connectivity and also management of Information Technology services and many more such aspects.

The capacity

The center has technologically well advanced features such as SSAE 16 SOC 1 audited facility, it operates on 20,000 square feet of raised floor which should prove to be essential for massive scale of operations in data services, 2.65 MW power capacity whereby there would be constant supply of power for all the needs which are enormous, they have both the carrier class and the carrier neutral, one of a kind fiber infrastructure, they have on the site fuel capacity of more than 70,000 gallons, apart from the general power supply they also have backing of UPS and the power generator, they have maintained an advanced fire detection system both laser and smoke.

It may be added that they have a perfectly temperature controlled environment, multi  layered facility for security such as CCTV, cameras, cages and lockable racks. They are fully monitored efficiently throughout the day and night; they offer customer access all through the year every day, every week and every month.

Exact location

The data centre is located at KOMO plaza, in suite 360 in Seattle, and the location address and location map are also displayed on the website. They can be contacted from the number displayed on the website, and the client can create a login and can sign in any time they want.

The new happenings

They have been acquired by the Investor group; they have formed an alliance of partnership with Schneider electric recently for their data facilitation, they have launched a virtual desk top, the customer base has increased two times at the data centre.

The other related centres

There are a few related data centres such as in Baltimore, Dallas, Tulsa, Spokane, Oklahoma city etc. The site map also has been provided on the website, the clients have to go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions before accepting to be clients at the data centre.

They have back up and connectivity services, managed security and firewalls, managed network and servers, certifications etc, they have resources such as case studies and collocation is possible for connectivity, bandwidth, power, facilities, and collocation benefits, they have cloud facilities such as back up cloud, production cloud and disaster recovery cloud etc.

They have offer for building career and offer jobs for the well talented individuals, many have given very high testimonials about the data centre which is very impressive and it is highly satisfying for a new entrant into the facility. With all these credentials the data center in Seattle is the facility to seek for all the business needs.

April 25 2014
Mobile VoIP Solutions for Business Travelers

Nowadays VoIP is one of the fastest growing technologies attracting customers all over the world. Hand in hand with such rapid growth of VoIP market, an incredible increase is also noticed among mobile users driving the adoption of mobile VoIP apps by more and more people.

Mobile VoIP services help businesses in many ways:

More savings on calls
Mobile VoIP uses IP technology to transmit data over the Internet, which significantly lowers down costs for calls. Voice calls are established through the digital signals over the Internet by using the phone’s Internet connection. When the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, this results even in cheaper VoIP calls.

Increased mobility
Mobile VoIP services may greatly facilitate business communications allowing employees to stay mobile wherever they go. Mobile VoIP solutions come handy especially for those who go on business trips quite often and still need to be involved in business activities even when on the road.

Easy of use and convenience
Mobile VoIP may be extremely helpful for business travelers. Both in terms of cost and flexibility, using VoIP on a mobile phone when traveling overseas is probably one of the easiest communication options. VoIP number is available anywhere where Internet connection may be found increasing employee mobility and engagement.
The migration to mobile VoIP services is a truly scalable communication model for lots of businesses. Not only does it cut down costs for international calling over long distances, but also offers users ease of use, convenience and flexibility. Taking into account the benefits of using mobile VoIP for business communications, more and more companies consider the integration with mobile VoIP services to streamline both local and international communications and increase productivity.
Mobile VoIP services offered by Voicebuy VoIP provider may become a comprehensive communication solution for any business. Mobile Dialer application is free to install and works fine with most operating systems. Along with cheap international calls from and to any corner of the world and easy dialing, Mobile Dialer application also ensures fast and secure performance.
Mobile Dialer may become the most successful application for your mobile enabling to make fast and cheap international calls right from your mobile phone. Switch to Voicebuy Mobile Dialer and make your business communications even more efficient.

April 22 2014
voip for families

VoIP proved to be an effective model of communication meeting not only the needs of businesses, but serving well for families also. VoIP offers multiple advantages that can greatly facilitate communication among family members, at the same time having a big impact on monthly phone bills.
To reap the benefits of this state-of-the-art technology, more and more families find it preferable to replace their traditional landline telephones with VoIP ones. This tendency continues to grow as VoIP services become a primary source of communication for many families. Integration with VoIP phone systems is a great communication solution for families.

Benefits of VoIP for home use


Every day we maintain constant communication with family members by phone when away from home, each of us being engaged in daily routine activities. Using traditional telephone services would be a rather expensive way to meet daily communication needs as compared with VoIP networks that provide calling plans with minimum expenses. Transmitting data over the Internet, VoIP reduces costs of phone calls bringing significant savings both on local and international calls. This means that with VoIP keeping in touch with family at home country or when abroad is incredibly cheaper than using conventional telephone services.


Using a VoIP telephone system means that your VoIP number will be available no matter where you are physically located. This increases the mobility in communication network giving more flexibility and extending the reach for VoIP users. VoIP enhances mobility helping to communicate more flexibly and effectively whenever and wherever.

Video calling capability

Video calling is a perfect feature enabling to see family members when far away from home. In this way VoIP expands communication options, bringing people closer and helping them connect globally. This feature is becoming more and more comfortable with people who can still communicate virtually with their loved ones even when miles apart. It makes conversations more lively and natural.

Feature-rich network

VoIP is an advanced technology offering scalable communication solutions. Due to rich calling features VoIP provides more enhanced call processing opportunities. This means access to additional handy tools which make it easier and simpler to manage calls.

Making the switch to a VoIP phone system may be the right communication solution for your family. Voicebuy VoIP provider is ready to offer you the most comprehensive VoIP plans as a far cheaper way to constantly stay in touch with your family.

April 15 2014
voip for business

Nowadays an increasing amount of companies are actively moving to VoIP technology as a more flexible and scalable communication solution for their business. The great many benefits lure lots of enterprises to VoIP adoption that comes as a significantly cheaper alternative to traditional landline telephone services.

Such great demand for VoIP services continues to grow making VoIP as a dominating trend in telecommunications market. As a result, more and more companies leave conventional telephone systems and start using next generation VoIP telephony solutions.

Why use business VoIP systems?

The main reason for the replacement of conventional telephone services with VoIP ones is explained by the lower cost of services. VoIP calls are routed through the Internet instead of landlines increasing efficiency and lowering down costs both on local and international calling. This leads to cheaper, faster and easier communications which lots of companies prefer to old-fashioned landline phone systems.

The migration of business operations to VoIP systems eliminates the expenses in regard to equipment maintenance and system management. VoIP phone systems are mostly run offsite, that’s why there is no need for companies to invest a large amount of money to purchase and maintain VoIP hardware.

VoIP offers increased scalability giving the flexibility to expand the coverage of VoIP services into multiple locations. Hosted PBX is such a great business VoIP solution that is capable to link multiple lines and extensions under one network thus connecting your business at lower monthly costs than traditional phone systems. This is especially useful for those businesses that support remote working and can easily connect all the employees working from home with the main office telephone system. Hosted PBX comes as a complete, fully managed and feature-rich telephone system that simplifies phone services enhancing the flexibility of business communications.

When it comes to calling capabilities, VoIP again takes the lead over traditional telephones. Combining an extensive set of call handling features VoIP makes the overall management of calls easier and more efficient. Due to the availability of advanced features, such as music on hold, group calls, call pick up, multiple modes of call forwarding and others, day-to-day business communications perform more efficiently enabling increased productivity.

April 08 2014
sip trunking for business

What is SIP trunking ?

SIP trunking is one of the latest developments of business VoIP technology that greatly facilitates enterprise communication structure. SIP trunking is an easily manageable communication network that connects company’s PBX phone system with Internet telephony service provider using VoIP technology. As an IP based telecommunication solution SIP trunking ensures real-time connections not only inside but also outside the traditional walls of the enterprise.

SIP trunking is a worthy alternative to traditional landline phone services that is capable to handle multiple calls through one IP connection. All branches of the company across different locations are easily linked through SIP trunking allowing multiple users to access the network at the same time.

SIP trunking benefits:

Cheaper calls

One of the compelling advantages of SIP trunking is the affordability. For big companies that deal with a large number of calls daily the low-cost for phone calls may mean a lot. Since SIP calls go through the Internet, it significantly reduces costs both for local and international calls. This brings great savings on phone bills which helps companies increase profits and make the business more productive.

Easier maintenance

The use of SIP trunking does not require the setup of the equipment for all the branches where the network will be available. With the help of software configuration the network may be easily arranged according to your business needs. Since SIP trunking is virtual, it eliminates the need for you to bother about technical and maintenance related issues saving both time and expenses.

Converged network

SIP trunking brings voice and data communications together into a single, unified network. Serving as a converged communication solution it already combines voice and data connections. This means reduction of costs for getting separate voice and data connections with the opportunity to make use of a more enhanced and scalable communication platform.

More expandable communications

SIP trunking greatly simplifies enterprise communications allowing to extend them across multiple locations assuring maximum availability. The ability to move communications outside the enterprise boosts the mobility of your business bringing to more robust business continuity.

April 01 2014
hosted pbx solutions

Hosted PBX has become highly popular in business VoIP and is now widely adopted by business sector representatives. As a rather powerful and advanced  VoIP telephony system, hosted PBX is aimed at meeting business communication needs in one integrated solution.
Hosted PBX system can bring plenty of benefits for every type of company. With a variety of advantages, hosted PBX system is an ideal communication model designed to meet an array of business needs.

Some of the most compelling hosted PBX features


In VoIP calling voicemail is a very useful feature that is available in hosted PBX phones. It helps stay connected even when you are not available at the time people are calling you. It allows to access recorded messages in the form of a text directly through your e-mail account. Voicemail-to-email feature, supported by hosted PBX phone systems, is very attractive to employees who should no longer worry about missing important calls when away from their phones.

Hunt groups

Huntgroup is another attractive tool coming with hosted PBX phones that consolidates several extension numbers configured as one hunt group. Within the hunt group incoming calls are distributed to the group of all these extension numbers. Calls in a hunt group may be delivered to one or more extensions according to the selected sequence. For example, calls can go firstly to your office phone, then mobile phone and then home phone or else calls are delivered to all the extensions simultaneously.


Hosted PBX auto-attendant is an electronic receptionist that serves to direct incoming callers to the desired extension as specified. In fact auto-attendants are a very important part of a business phone system and they can significantly improve customer experience. They not only facilitate the transfer of calls but can also provide a more professional image for any company.

Call forwarding

Hosted PBX systems also offer call forwarding which is a very useful feature to enhance any type of communication. Call forwarding has turned out to be an extremely helpful service especially for companies giving them tremendous flexibility in managing business phone calls. With this service all incoming calls can be forwarded to the designated number, be it employee’s cell phone or else home phone. This increases employee availability as well as mobility helping them always stay within reach and never miss a call even when away from the office.
Hosted PBX solutions help businesses have a large professional telephone system fully maintained by the VoIP service provider. Hosted PBX phone system is a viable communication solution delivering value-added VoIP services to your business.

If you are interested in having the whole package of hosted PBX system at your office, register at Voicebuy now!

March 24 2014
faxing over voip

Internet fax is one of the latest trends in communications technology that delivers faster and easier ways to send faxes. Sending and receiving documents over the Internet using VoIP technology has become the preferred way for faxing since it is quite quick, simple, easy-to-use and affordable.

Internet fax supports all the features as standard fax machines, however, there are several advantages which mark the prevalence of Internet fax over traditional fax machines.

More flexibility

Using a normal fax machine means that you are always hooked up to the landline. Internet faxing services give more flexibility allowing to manage document sending and receipt through computer or even mobile device from any location as long as there is Internet connection.

Lower costs

Another compelling advantage of fax over Internet is the significant reduction of costs. Online faxing eliminates the need to pay extra money for maintaining any kind of machine since here all data transition is being performed through Internet. This brings significant savings on paper, ink, toner with no hardware maintenance costs.

More reliability

Internet fax ensures more reliable faxing services. Here the possibility to miss important documents for reasons when the machine is out of order, the paper or ink has run out is brought to the minimum. Fax over Internet provides high availability and in general is more reliable than traditional fax machines.


Be it at home or in the office fax over Internet contributes to the creation of a greener environment. It is an eco-friendly way for fax delivery since it runs not on a machine but is only based on Internet connection. This reduces the amount of printed paper saving up millions of trees on yearly basis.

High availability

With fax to email services paper documents are delivered without delays. Here multiple documents may be sent and received simultaneously without any concern that they may get lost or not delivered in time because of the fixed number being unavailable at the moment.

Multiple faxing

Online fax technology helps you reach people efficiently with the possibility to send faxes to more than one number automatically. It is a great way to send documents online to multiple recipients without wasting time on doing it manually.

No software

Online fax services are very simple and easy-to-use letting you manage faxes through your e-mail account. They are accessible through any mobile device or computer that are connected to the Internet. No other hardware or software is required for the implementation of these services.

Many of VoIP service providers generally support fax over Internet services. If you are also thinking about replacing your old fax machine with a more innovative and efficient way of sending and receiving documents, then Internet fax services can be your most valuable asset.

March 20 2014
business voip solutions

Business VoIP systems play a great role in any enterprise communication nowadays. Taking into account affordability, quality service and a great level of flexibility VoIP offers over traditional landline phone services, it becomes evident that business VoIP systems can make a big difference for enterprises.

Business VoIP solutions are a great way for enterprises to modernize communication channels and leverage a more flexible business communication model. Making a move to a business VoIP system is a smart way to enhance the level of call management which will lead to more efficient business processes.

If you have decided to replace traditional landline telephone system with a business VoIP system, here are some important features which need to be considered and checked before making the switch.

Top features of business VoIP systems

Call forwarding

This is perhaps one of the most essential call management features that may play a major role for the effectiveness of day-to-day business activities. In business every call is essentially important, and every missed call could mean a lost customer. Call forwarding is a very useful features available in business VoIP systems that helps avoid missing important calls by redirecting them to any other designated number, be it a cell phone, home or office telephone number. Automatic call forwarding is an extremely useful tool to ensure that all calls get answered regardless of the physical location of the called party.

Conference calling

In today’s technology-driven world communication has become faster, easier, more simplified and more affordable. Now almost everything, including communication systems, goes digital, from real to virtual platform. When it comes to business meetings, here as well virtual world is little by little replacing the real one, since many businesses give preference to online meetings. The primary reason for this is perhaps affordability, since it eliminates the need for traveling cutting down travel expenses. Nowadays interaction with a business partner or a client who is in different location does not necessarily require face-to-face meetings. Business VoIP systems offer conference calling opportunity, which is truly a business asset enabling virtual real-time meetings from and to any part of the world.

Music on hold

With business VoIP systems you also get music on hold feature, which at first sight may not seem so much important, but in fact it positively influences people on the phone. It creates better wait experience and may positively impact on caller’s perception about your company as a whole. Putting on hold callers regularly through hold music tool minimizes the possibility that the caller would hang up. This is a great and effective way to keep customers coming back.

Voicebuy VoIP service provider offers scalable business VoIP solutions. We offer value-added VoIP services to simplify and improve your business communication system.

February 25 2014

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