voip telephone systems

Over the last decade VoIP has experienced significant growth turning into a mainstream communication technology. VoIP services have become increasingly popular for residential and business use prevailing over traditional landline telephone services.

Using VoIP services as a major tool of communication can bring about significant advantages providing value-added telephone services at affordable rates. VoIP has become communications standard for many businesses providing reliable and effective communication solutions.

Upgrading to VoIP telephone system allows to take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of unified communications system.

Key benefits of using VoIP services

•    Cheap international calling

VoIP is an excellent tool for making cheap calls not only locally but internationally as well. Making calls to other countries using VoIP services considerably reduces rates allowing to implement international calls at the cost of local ones. VoIP enabled network ensures reliable and cheap international calls both to mobiles and landlines and for that reason VoIP is a worthy tool for international calling.

•    Increased mobility

The demand for mobility increases day by day and here VoIP comes as a facilitator for addressing mobility challenges. The deployment of VoIP services on mobile devices, which have become a basic necessity for everyday life, is an efficient way to communicate. Mobile VoIP services eliminate huge phone bills and roaming charges allowing extended coverage for VoIP communications. This works fine both for individuals as well as enterprises to effectively manage interoffice communications.

•    Call conferencing

VoIP is more than just voice communications. VoIP services combine exciting features for audio and video conferencing as well for those who need to have online conferences over long distances. Holding meetings with coworkers, partners and clients who are located in another place becomes easier and cheaper with this great tool. And the best thing about this is that conferencing tool is completely free of charge, already included into the VoIP plan.

•    Remote working options

Sometimes there is a need to work from home and still stay connected to the main office telephone network. In this case the big concern is holding the constant communication with the workforce which may be effectively accessed through VoIP based telephone network. Hosted PBX solutions are aimed at providing  great flexibility and convenience for fast and cheap communications between the office and remote workers.

•    Traveling with cheap phone service

VoIP may be a great travel companion and low-cost way to handle international calls while on the road. VoIP services are one of the cheapest communication solutions for travelers allowing fast and efficient connections all over the world. The use of VoIP services is an ideal solution for travelers to save money on their international calls.

February 19 2014
What makes VoIP attractive for businesses

The era of rapid technological developments has led to big advances in communication technologies, which are being developed all the time revolutionizing the world of communications. VoIP stands as one of these innovations that has made communication faster, more accessible and more efficient.
Communication systems have seen a huge progress due to VoIP technology which has brought forward modern tools of communication. Using an IP based method VoIP is aimed at facilitating and improving connection modes between users. The advantages of using  small business VoIP systems are rather remarkable offering voice quality, convenience, mobility and savings.

The great many benefits of VoIP make it a truly effective and affordable technology for small businesses bringing the communication into one central point. Enterprises are increasingly switching to business VoIP systems to enjoy the convenience of a complete communication management with minimum efforts and investments.

Business VoIP system benefits

One of the primary benefits that makes VoIP a valuable communication tool for small businesses is surely the cost-effectiveness. Making international calls at the cost of local ones means impressive savings on monthly phone bills which positively impact business productivity. As for local calls, here VoIP also helps companies avoid huge phone charges bringing communications expenses to a minimum.

Encompassing a wide range of advanced features coupled with great functionality VoIP exposes to users great many call management possibilities. Starting with call forwarding modes and ending with call conferencing options, with the availability of multiple lines and extensions, VoIP serves as a highly scalable communication platform that can deliver value-added all-in-one communications solutions. This means a more enhanced and customizable way of call management that may be particularly beneficial to your business.

Hosted PBX solutions are another tangible benefit to simplify your business communications. It brings convergence of telecommunications transmitting data over a reliable and private network. Hosted PBX increases flexibility for employees allowing them to stay productive at work even when out of the office, having the option to be involved into the working process from home, when on the road or even while traveling. Being constantly connected to the main office telephone system regardless of the physical location has become easy and affordable due to a hosted PBX.

All these advantages make the value of setting up a small business VoIP system for your enterprise. Take advantage of more advanced communication models and let your business thrive.

February 12 2014
voip trends

Within the last decade VoIP services have advanced at a rapid pace boosting communication channels both for individuals as well as for small and large businesses. VoIP has become a truly ubiquitous communication tool with more and more people moving from traditional landline phone services to VoIP based telephone networks. VoIP services continue to grow as one of the most widespread communication technologies, and this explosive growth shows no signs to slow down.

Such significant breakthrough in VoIP is expected to gain momentum in the year of 2014, and according to Infonetics Research, the following VoIP services are likely to be in great demand leading the VoIP market this year.

VoIP trends in 2014

•    Mobile VoIP

Mobile phones have been taking over the world for the recent years taking a decent place in VoIP communication world. Hand in hand with the rapid adoption of mobile phones worldwide, mobile VoIP services also spread out throughout the whole world as a great way to communicate both for personal and business purposes.

•    SIP trunking

SIP termination services are becoming increasingly popular among enterprises. The connection between company’s PBX and Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) through VoIP has the potential to simplify and boost the business communication models even beyond office walls. The convergence of data, voice and video into a single line is another great benefit of SIP trunking services which significantly reduces expenses for hardware. The money-saving benefits, flexibility and convenience prompt the rise of SIP trunking services that are expected to gain even more popularity during this year.

•    PINless international calling

For now VoIP is undoubtedly one of the most widely used communication models in the market. However, other communication services, such as PINless calling remains another alternative calling solution within a certain population. PINless international calling is now offered by lots of providers with the option to make international calls at rather cheap rates by dialing from a landline phone or a mobile device.

February 04 2014
business voip

Ways to communicate internationally abound nowadays. All of us have family, friends and business partners abroad communication with whom is essentially important and needed at almost every step. Among the great many means to keep in touch with people who are abroad you should choose the right one which is suitable and affordable at the same time.

Whether for business or personal needs, VoIP caters for users as one of the most effective means of communication over long distances. The flexibility, ease of use and affordability are key factors that determine the value of VoIP services. For businesses in particular it is easier to manage the communication infrastructure through VoIP based telephone systems. The latter have become the most preferable alternative to conventional landline phones which may little by little be replaced by VoIP phones especially for better business communication management.

Small business VoIP phones are massively adopted by companies to bring increased productivity through internet based communication. The reason for this high demand is the convenience of use, easy maintenance and extensive features which make the process of call traffic management more professional and customized according to specific needs.

Along with this, it is worth noting the affordability factor which is essentially important for every company. To keep in touch with international clients and partners will not seem so expensive in case of using a Hosted PBX. Here all the voice and data connections are transmitted over Internet which brings substantial savings. In this case it is also possible to save on equipment and overall maintenance, since the system is placed at one site only and is totally controlled by the service provider itself.

Since effective communication is the cornerstone for the success of every business, call handling features and capabilities may also mean a lot when dealing with clients and business partners. VoIP is undoubtedly one of those telephone systems that can boast about an array of impressive communications features, including voicemail, call forwarding modes and many more, which may help the company sound bigger and more professional.

There is no doubt that small business VoIP systems are an ideal way for dealing with international clients, partners as well as co-workers who work abroad. It definitely saves money giving users the feeling of comfort and flexibility to enjoy communication with the world regardless of the physical location.

January 30 2014
sip trunking

The evolution of VoIP has totally transformed telecommunications industry in contemporary world.  Such tremendous progress has already turned VoIP into a mainstream communication technology that continues taking giant leaps forward making its prevalence over traditional telephone services even more evident.
The great potential for more flexible communication options has directed a high level of interest towards VoIP. Nowadays there is a strong tendency among corporate organizations and businesses of different activity to make the switch to more advanced VoIP telephone systems to more effectively meet their communication needs.
Converging business communication with SIP trunking is perhaps one of the smartest solutions to let you benefit from VoIP technology and leverage far more enhanced communication solutions for your employees, customers and business partners.
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking connects company’s private branch exchange (PBX) to the Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) using VoIP. The connection between PSTN (public switched telephone network) and SIP through IP based services serves as an ideal all-in-one platform allowing enterprises to manage their communications even outside the office.

Pluses of SIP trunking

SIP trunking converges voice, data and video traffic into a single infrastructure providing real-time communications worldwide. This is one of the most compelling advantages of SIP trunking that eliminates the need for installing hardware in all business locations bringing significant savings for equipment purchase and maintenance.
Along with the cost-saving advantage, SIP trunking services attract a lot of businesses due to communication solutions that are more flexible, reliable and convenient. In addition to VoIP calls that are extremely cheap as compared with traditional landline phone services, SIP boasts a number of other benefits that may be rather valuable for boosting the business communication:

  • File sharing and an opportunity to work simultaneously on a single document over the enterprise network is an essentially important factor for a faster and more efficient collaboration.
  • SIP provides long-distance calls at local rates which is highly beneficial for businesses working at international level and dealing with a large number of local and overseas calls on daily basis.
  • Highly advanced call handling features are also a great asset for managing calls  professionally with more customizable solutions.
  • SIP trunk may also support emergency calls, instant messages, caller ID, online conferences which ensure a more sophisticated way of handling live communications.
  • The transition to SIP also implies a more eco-friendly working environment eliminating the need to install lots of hardware and reducing the amount of carbon.

Switching to SIP is worth to be considered by companies since it offers more scalable solutions to boost business communications both inside and outside the enterprise. Voicebuy VoIP provider would be pleased to help your business operate more efficiently delivering SIP trunking services to meet your every business communication need.

So, register now and benefit from Voicebuy SIP trunking services, by reducing your call costs and ensuring efficient and flexible communications system.

December 24 2013
hosted pbx phone system

The Christmas season is in full swing getting everyone into the mood for the holidays. This is perhaps the best time of the year to gather together with family, enjoy the wonderful Christmas atmosphere and take mind off work. Nevertheless, depending on the sphere of activity people are engaged in sometimes it becomes necessary to work even during holiday season however unpleasant it may seem.

For those individuals which cannot fully reap the benefits of holiday season and still have to spend several hours working from home telecommunication services may be an ideal solution. With the advent of hosted PBX employers have an opportunity to reach their employees even during non-working days in case of necessity. This is a rather flexible method of communication since it does not oblige workers to be physically present in the office enabling staff to work from home.

Throughout the last few years this option of staying connected with coworkers and clients through hosted PBX has become rather widespread. The growing popularity of these telephone networks is due to a bundle of benefits they offer for any size businesses.

Hosted PBX solutions

First of all, it is the lower price that seduces business owners to switch to hosted PBX. Calling through hosted PBX system is remarkably cheap than using landline phone systems.

Secondly, these telephone systems do not require installation of any hardware, since VoIP service providers take the full responsibility for any kind of hardware management. This eliminates unnecessary costs for equipment purchase and maintenance.

Thirdly, technically VoIP phone systems are more sophisticated and scalable which again proves their prevalence over conventional ones. Supporting a variety of advanced call management features such as conference calling, call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendant and others they are sure to improve any business communication boosting productivity and efficiency of the workforce.

Constant connectivity is another big advantage that is extremely useful for running a business. No matter where you and your employees are located, you always stay connected and productive through hosted PBX. This means that no time or space boundaries may hinder the effectiveness of your business communication processes.

Taking into account all the above mentioned benefits hosted PBX is an ideal communication solution to work from home. With a complete free hosted phone system offered by Voicebuy VoIP provider you will get a lot of benefits to ensure the growth of your business.

December 18 2013
business communication

Another winter has arrived bringing a lot of cold and snow to many parts of the world. Coping with heavy snow and bad weather conditions is not an easy task for many businesses and can have quite a negative impact on business processes. Severe weather may be considered to be one of the challenges that organizations have to face in order to ensure smooth business flow.

Sometimes businesses may even be disrupted because of heavy snow and cold weather. One of the most serious troubles is traffic disruption which causes huge difficulties for employees to get to the office, thus reducing efficiency.

However, the ongoing technological progress has brought in so many advanced means of communication that may have a key role in building a communication model to act effectively even in case of extreme weather conditions. One of the smartest solutions to deal with winter weather and keep business still productive in spite of any external factors is the adoption of hosted PBX.

How can hosted PBX be useful?

The main factor for which hosted PBX is favored by many businesses is that it enables running a business without any time and space limitations. Hosted PBX is placed off-site, in a secure data center, which means that overall management and maintenance is controlled by the service provider eliminating the need for customers to place any additional hardware.

Hosted PBX makes it easier to communicate with coworkers and customers even from home without affecting the workflow and work quality. Through this business telephone network employees are reached directly through their extension numbers just as if they are sitting at the office desk. Hosted PBX greatly improves the way how employees communicate and do business from home.

Above all, moving to hosted PBX helps businesses to drastically reduce expenses for monthly phone bills. Not only do the calls go cheaper but there is also no need to purchase and set up expensive equipment for service performance. Getting rid of huge phone bills you previously paid for conventional phone services, you save more and make your business more effective.

Don’t let your business suffer because of winter snow, freeze and severe weather. Be sure that hosted PBX provided by Voicebuy will ensure smooth, flexible, cheap and fast communication for your employees, partners and customers.

December 10 2013
mobile VoIP calls

The number of international business travelers continuously grows and it is expected to increase even more in the coming years, according to predictions. Organizing business travels is essential for companies since they expand the scope of corporate negotiations on an international scale.

During business-related travels communication is of great importance to provide smooth running of business events and operations. Among the great many options to communicate internationally mobile phone remains one of the most widely used method since it is portable and therefore extremely convenient for people who are always on the go.

Mobile VoIP means cheap calls anywhere you go

Maintaining business communication with mobile phones is, of course, very easy, fast and convenient, but on the other hand it may also mean huge phone bills. With mobile VoIP cell phone expenses will no longer be a big concern for organizations. Mobile VoIP is one of the most cost-efficient plans to dramatically reduce the costs for international mobile calls and as such it is becoming the most common form of communication for those employees who are on the road.
Mobile dialer application offered by Voicebuy may be one of the smartest solutions for overseas calls. The application is easily installed without any extra charges and works perfectly fine on all operating systems.
The most compelling part of the app is its cost-effectiveness which results in huge savings for both small and large-sized companies. Making VoIP calls over Internet are significantly cheaper than roaming packages or cards.
Reliable connection, great functionality and high-performance ensure smooth and great quality international calls. Having no dependency on any external factors rather than sufficient bandwidth and powerful Internet connection, voice and data are transmitted over a high speed network thus establishing faster and much cheaper connection.
In addition to all these advantageous factors it is also important to note about the portability of VoIP number and the capability to take it with you even when being abroad. This option eliminates any physical restrictions enabling cheap international calls all around the world.

Mobile Dialer application is definitely worth a try to bring the costs of your international calls to the minimum. Make your corporate travels even more enjoyable and run your business processes more productively with calls at significantly lower rates.

November 28 2013
VoIP provider

The last decade has seen significant advancements in VoIP technology. Moving forward at an incredibly fast pace, VoIP services seduce more and more users around the world both for personal and business use.

The number of consumers who make the switch to VoIP services preferring it to conventional phone services is currently on the rise worldwide. What explains such widespread popularity of VoIP services? Here are key reasons why VoIP is better than traditional phones.

  • Communication over IP network significantly lowers rates of phone calls and is far cheaper as compared with landline calls. Voice over IP technology allows you to make calls through Internet connection and hence it is also a cheaper alternative to traditional phone services for international and long-distance calling. With no setup and monthly fees and expensive hardware to install, VoIP phone systems will make your monthly phone bills significantly low.
  • From the point of view of technical capabilities, VoIP phone systems undoubtedly prevail over conventional phones. As a cutting-edge technology VoIP supports a wide range of advanced features that make it easier and more convenient to communicate. The availability of auto attendant, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling and other features lets you more effectively organize all of your incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The big advantage of VoIP over traditional telephony is the mobility. Since voice and data transmission is being carried out over broadband connection, here there is no dependency on the physical location of the phone device and the phone number. Unlike conventional phone number, VoIP number is portable and may be accessible using any Internet-enabled device.

Making a switch from conventional phone services to VoIP services means significant savings on phone calls and more flexible communication options. Choosing Voicebuy as your reliable VoIP provider will be the first step in getting great quality and affordable VoIP services to best meet your needs.

November 20 2013
wireless VoIP

The advent of Wi-Fi technology has brought in up-to-date standards for accessing the Internet wirelessly which has greatly improved the communication network. Wireless communication has penetrated into all the spheres of life due to its mobility and more dynamic information exchange capabilities.

Wi-Fi technology has also attracted a massive attention in the world of VoIP since the convergence of the two opens up cheaper and more flexible options for communication. The emergence of Wireless VoIP phones has aroused a lot of interest for organizations of different size, and the demand for VoWLAN (Wireless VoIP phones) as an effective business VoIP solution is now increasingly growing.

Wi-Fi VoIP benefits

• Mobility

The essential mobility is one of the greatest benefits making VoIP highly competitive in telecommunication industry. With the ability to use your VoIP number in almost any location where there is Internet connection, VoIP services cater for large and small organizations to best meet their communication needs. The abundance of free Wi-Fi almost everywhere even more increases the mobility of VoIP services making them convenient and inexpensive for use not only in offices and at home, but in public places as well which is not less important.

• Cost-saving potential

With Wi-Fi showing up in many places it is possible to access the Internet completely free of charge. This means that when connected to free Wi-Fi network your VoIP calls go at almost no cost. Connecting VoIP calls over Wi-Fi hotspot significantly eliminates phone bills and results in great financial savings especially for companies that handle huge volumes of traffic on daily basis.

• Extensive features

Wi-Fi VoIP phones do not fall behind ordinary VoIP phones in terms of their capabilities. Owning such kind of phones gives access to services such as group calling, call forwarding, call waiting, speed dialing. Supporting many useful calling features as well as messaging opportunities Wi-Fi phones are becoming an excellent tool for communication.

• Flexibility and convenience

Mixing VoIP with Wi-Fi ensures a high level of convenience and ease of use. Taking Wi-Fi VoIP phone with you keeps you mobile and available at the same time eliminating any time or space boundaries. The wireless option of VoIP phones may replace regular cellular phones as an extremely cheap, fast and easy tool of communication for business sector representatives in particular.

November 14 2013

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