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Voicebuy Offers DID Numbers in Over 60 Countries Worldwide

Mobile phones hold lion’s share in the telecommunication sector, and there is no refuting their expediency VoIP serviceand functionality. But some individuals are still tied up with the traditional landlines. If you are running businesses, landlines are a must. You may easily get hold of a landline number from telephone operators like Verizon or AT&T. There is yet another attractive solution cost-effective VoIP service which could offer you a trustworthy phone service and works hand-in-hand with broadband internet connection. 

At Voicebuy, we are committed giving our customers the best VoIP DID experience where acquiring and configuring VoIP DID is as easy as purchasing groceries for home. Voicebuy is the leading DID number provider offering high-quality inbound communication (often referred to as direct inward dialing) in more than 60 strategic countries.

Here you can download our calling rates for DID Numbers and Incoming Trunk.

What is VoIP DID?

DID Numbers are virtual numbers that empower users to transmit calls to existing telephone lines. DID Numbers help to set aside a direct number for certain employees, which implies that you could do away with multiple physical phone lines. With a DID number, organizations can process thousands of simultaneous calls to suitable extensions. DIDS are touted as the ‘backbone’ for firms where direct customer-to-employee communication is a decisive factor.

Voicebuy offers local, mobile and toll-free numbers for more than 60 countries, giving them a de facto local presence throughout the globe. A softphone is a software program for placing telephone calls through the Internet by means of a computer.

For more info on how to order, set up and manage Voicebuy DID numbers, check out our DID management user guide.

Advantages of Acquiring Voicebuy DID Numbers

Following are the advantages of acquiring Voicebuy DID Numbers:

  • Local and toll – free numbers in more than 60 countries worldwide
  • Flat-rate billing, no per minute fees
  • Up to 80% money savings on international calls
  • Easy configurable web-based user interface
  • Advanced call forwarding options to Skype, a pre-defined number, voice mail, hunt group, or mobile
  • One time setup fee and activation on the spot
  • Instant number provision, monitoring of your balance and call history

With DID, you can assign personal numbers to each employee in your company, without requiring a separate SIP account for each. For example, you want to spread your business to a European country but your business is situated somewhere in Asia. Naturally you want to have several local numbers of that country to establish a virtual presence there. Thanks to VoIP DID number technology, you can order local numbers of that European country and thus would not have to pay huge sums for international calls; instead, all your incoming calls will be treated and charged as local.

Besides, you can configure where the incoming call will eventually go, using Voicebuy IP PBX features. For example, you can configure that the incoming call will be forwarded to a specified extension in your company, where it will be picked up by an appointed employee, an auto attendant (which then in its turn distributes the call internally), may be recorded as a voice mail, or may be redirected to your mobile phone or even to the Skype account.

Voicebuy Incoming Trunk Service

Most of our DID numbers have two incoming channels, so if you need more channels then you can assign your DID number to an Incoming Trunk.  The latter offers multichannel lines for placing and receiving multiple simultaneous calls. Incoming Trunks can provide a larger number of simultaneous channels than DID, therefore, you can forward DID to a trunk.

Voicebuy Mobile Dialer Application

Voicebuy Mobile Dialer is a software application for those who use mobile phones for making and receiving VoIP calls, i.e. make calls over the Internet directly from mobile phones. To use it you should install the MobileDialer application on your mobile device. It’s completely free and is compatible with any operating system based mobile phones: iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, etc.  MobileDialer offers you multiple advantages like:

  • Cheap international phone calls
  • Easy international phone numbers dialing
  • Fast and secure performance
  • Calls from any corner of the world
  • Calls to any corner of the world


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