How much should a VoIP system cost per user?

VoIP system

The most important reason for switching to VoIP from traditional phone service is the long-term cost savings of calls made through broadband internet. VoIP allows combining telecommunications costs without paying three or four various bills for local and long-distance calling and internet. This, definitely, saves time and money, but VoIP has different costs, that depend on the telecommunications needs of a given business.

 Due to 2007 research in 2005 hosted VoIP spending was $80 million for small businesses with one to 99 employees, with individual spending highly specific to each individual business’ needs. That number was planned to increase to $1.12 billion by 2010. Businesses that had about 100 to 999 employees spent as much as $66.7 million in 2005 with 2010 spending projected to reach $310.8 million.

 Spending will differ from one business to the next. Here are several facts that will affect the costs of traditional VoIP systems:

 • Buying a system outright and managing it in-house versus going with a hosted solution will influence costs.

 • The number of employees, lines and remote locations linking into the VoIP system all impact costs. Scale is one of the main predictors of cost and is always comprised in customized price quotes. Service can start at around $200 for certain number of lines, such as four users, with fees for additional users.

 • The current hardware and potential equipment upgrades of a business impact cost. Items to assess for equipment cost comprise telephones, headsets and the current data connection–whether it’s DSL, fiber or cable. Equipment can cost around $250 per phone.

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