Standard Route: Least-cost Routing

voicebuy standard route

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to get a quality product at a favorable price, especially when it comes to VoIP. You may surf the Internet for hours looking for the right one and I can assure you won’t be able to find it. Either you find an expensive quality product or a cheap one which does not meet your quality expectations.

At Voicebuy you won’t encounter such difficulties.  Not with us. Not here.

Voicebuy – one of the fast-growing and well-known wholesale VoIP provider companies – released the new branded product, standard route. Standard route perfectly suits those users who want to save money, meantime get a quality product.

Standard route is a least-cost product and presents itself the blending of grey and white VoIP routes.

Standard route gives you the opportunity to enjoy cheap VoIP calls around the world; there are no any country limits.

The Standard route has the following advantages:

  • Quality and cheap calls to any destination
  • Fast and secure performance
  • The lowest price

Thus, by choosing standard route, you save your money and enjoy making easy and fast calls to any destination.

Standard route is mainly for call shops, VoIP resellers and ITSP (internet telephony service providers).

The motto of a successful company is to have happy customers and that’s what we’re doing!
We guarantee fast and secure performance of any of our branded items!

Standard rates sheet is available here: STANDARD RATES

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