Top 5 Mistakes Managers Make When Starting VoIP

voip mistakes

Humans are living next to progress and development. Here I mean technological development, which is something that is always happening irrespective whether we are much aware  of it or not. While this is happening in every sphere, technological development in the sphere of communications is very important because we live in the age of communications. So one day you learn that the modern trend in ...

March 19 2015

VoIP for Beginners. Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP

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Because you are here it means you are already interested in VoIP. And you are on the right route! This technology is spreading worldwide as fast as a word of mouth. Why? First of all because it is cheap and at the same time efficient. But beginners usually are afraid to go into too technical issues, and that can make them stay away from a cheaper option for the same service as they use. Here at ...

March 04 2015

VoIP as a Tool for Efficient Communication in Different Spheres

efficiant communication

Efficient communication is critical to any sphere of modern life and the choice of efficient communication tools leads to better prospects and is a key to success. But before explonig the tools and ways for making communication efficient in busines, workplace or in public relations, let’s check it’s definition: “Efficient communication is th ...

September 24 2014

VoIP and IP Telephony, PBX and IP PBX

Differences Between VoIP and IP Telephony, PBX and IP PBX

Telephone is not only a means of communication, it is already an integral part of our daily life. The definition of telephony has expanded greatly today and it can’t be compared with the telephone which invented Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. It is defined as the science of transmitting voice, data, video, or images over a distance that is greater than one can shout. The main reason is th ...

August 26 2014

Are You Ready for VoIP? Test Yourself

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The world of technology is diverse. It is evolving very quickly and in fact, today new and innovative technologies have become an inseparable part of our life. The quality of our life has changed dramatically due to technological innovations. Can you imagine your life without technology? Actually, none of us can. Nowadays, one of the latest technological inventions is gaining more and more popu ...

August 05 2014

Building More Effective Customer Service Through VoIP

customer care

Customer satisfaction is one key to a success in any kind of business. One of the essential components to serve your customers the best is through effective communication which is the cornerstone for building long-lasting relationships with them.

Along with face-to-face communication which is fundamental for corporate success, telephone communication is another way of interaction with cu ...

September 24 2013

VoIP as an Efficient Communication Solution for Seniors

senior communities

Constant development of modern technology has in many ways revolutionized the way we work and live, think, do business and interact. Keeping pace with such rapid advancements, VoIP has already become a mainstream communication technology that has changed our lives in many positive ways.

The widespread use of VoIP services has brought about a lot of convenience and efficiency in the way p ...

August 28 2013

How VoIP Can Help Boost Small and Home Businesses

small business VoIP

The mainstream development of modern technologies has expanded the perspectives for VoIP communication advancement propelling the massive growth in VoIP services. VoIP continues to remain one of the most on-demand means of communication due to its cost saving advantages, flexible solutions and convenience of use.

With such large-scale functionality and performance capabilities VoIP cater ...

August 26 2013

VoIP and Fax Services

fax services

The advent of VoIP technology has resulted in the development of more enhanced communication solutions. With an abundance of user-friendly features and easy handling, VoIP services continue to appeal to a lot of businesses and individuals. Such rapid advancement of VoIP has brought about a more affordable, accessible and conv ...

July 30 2013

Switching Your Business to VoIP Technology

voip tecnology

It has been spoken and written a lot about VoIP becoming the most popular technology in telecommunications. Let’s take a short overview on what advantages your business will get by switching to the VoIP technology.

  • Cost – this is probably the biggest benefit you will get with the VoIP technology. Your regul ...
June 01 2012

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