Types of Voip Connections: PC to PC

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The first opportunity to call using Voice over IP (VoIP) was introduced in 1995, when, in February the company VocalTec announced the program for telephony over the Internet using PC. This was the birth of a new type of telephony from a PC to PC via Internet protocol.

Today, VoIP has become something people use every day and thanks to Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype this technology has reached its new peak. Skype, for example, boasts more than 100 million registered users worldwide.

Another VoIP possibility is Softphones, which exist in the form of free versions. There is also software installed on your PC or laptop and allow you to make calls through the VoIP provider. Today, PC to PC VoIP Connections are used less.

Conversations between callers of VoIP provider or its partners are usually free.

This form of telephony is not completely devoid of problems, as voice quality depends not only on the network and its quality, but also a bit on the power of PC.

This type of telephony has been interesting only to individuals, but recently more and more enterprises are using PC to PC VoIP Connections.

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