Types of Voip Connections: Web to Phone

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We continue talking about the types of VoIP connections. In this article we will discuss in detail web to phone type of connection.
A call from the web site or, in other words, “click-to-call” is a relatively new Internet phone service that allows initiating a telephone call from a computer with just one click on the button on the web-page.

If you choose this type of VoIP service, there will be no need for a phone number. One of the main advantages of using this VoIP product is the low cost of the call, which equals the cost of wasted traffic. To implement such a call, the user may need to install client software. This is usually done automatically from the same page of the website. The service click-to-call has been successfully used in e-commerce and allows customers of Internet companies to promptly contact the support team of the VoIP provider. Alternatively, the user may choose to enter his/her phone number in the Web page, which the customer service representative of the VoIP provider will use to call you. This is the so-called call back.

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