Now You can pay a fraction of a long-distance call and still use your ordinary phone line. Even without Internet connection VoIP calls will be available for you, your employees or your clients.


                                                                 VoiceBuy Virtual Calling Cards

                            For You

  • Instant Setup and Activation
  • Available in 60+ countries
  • Can be used for all calls
  • Pinless option
  • Same rates as in your calling plan

                           For Your Business

  • Use domestically or while abroad
  • No hidden charges
  • Helps your employees to stay in touch while on business trips
  • Make a long-distance call from any phone
  • Full IVR support

                                                                                                                             Buy Now - Voicebuy Calling Cards

 You can tailor our Virtual Calling Cards to your particular needs. Tie them up to your existing phone number (Caller ID) for a Pinless option. Or combine with our CallBack service to create your own virtual VoIP calling while on the move.

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