Voicebuy Mix: New Voip Product Released

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Those of our customers that have been recently using archive.voicebuy.com services have been waiting for this news for quite some time already. And today we are glad that we can finally announce that Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider has launched it’s new product called Voicebuy MIX.

Advantages of Voicebuy MIX Product

First and the most important advantage of this new product is the fact that the registered users can get full access to their account settings. This means that each customer can add, edit and delete source IP addresses, as well as change the SIP account data.

All the customer will need is to choose the authorization type. The user can either use a static IP address or automatically generated username and password for SIP registration. After choosing the Voicebuy Mix the customer will have the opportunity to use two of our other products – Premium Product or Premium Plus – having only one account. To choose between one of the products – Premium or Premium Plus – you only need to specify the selection code (prefix). In other words you need to dial the selection code of the product, then the country code, city code and the number.

Of course, the Voicebuy Mix product has a great number of benefits, including its value, high quality and performance of VoIP service, reliability, and reputation and it’s efficient both for businesses and individuals.

To test Voicebuy wholesale VoIP providers product and services, sign up for free and make significant savings on your daily telephone costs.

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