Voicebuy Updated the Central Billing Engine

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Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider is glad to announce that we have completed our upgrade our central VoIP billing engine Porta Billing. Thus, you can currently use Porta Billing MR23 instead of the previous Porta Billing MR17.

What are the advantages of this upgrade? First and the most important this will give Voicebuy registered users an opportunity to use fast VoIP services with new higher quality features and built their business telephone network based on the solution we provide. Due to this update, in the near future we will have a chance to offer our customers innovative services, such as Hosted PBX service.

If you have a number of offices in different countries or in different cities of the same country, this update is a great chance for you to include all your offices in one telephone network. We intend to provide all calls within our network free of charge.

Call forwarding, call waiting, call barring, multi-lingual voice mail, call transfer, call pick up and follow me are just a few of the features that Voicebuy will provide to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Build your telephone network throughout the world with Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider.

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