Voip Reseller Product Released

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As announced a while ago, wholesale VoIP provider Voicebuy has developed and launched its unique private label VoIP reseller product. This product gives you an opportunity to have your own website and provide VoIP services without making any global investment. In other words, everyone can become a VoIP reseller and start their own business as a VoIP provider independent on your location and with minimal environment setup. Interested? Then keep reading!

Voicebuy private label reseller solution includes services that allow you to establish your own VoIP business. All you need to do to be the part of the Voicebuy reseller program is simply register with our website. So what features will you get by becoming our VoIP reseller? First of all the new product of the Voicebuy VoIP wholesale provider has a number of advanced web features that also include the following:

  • Reseller website – Your own website with an individual domain. You can adapt the website to your needs by choosing a template and adding your logo.
  • Billing server – You can also use the PortaBilling billing server free of charge, which will allow you to collect the calling data for your customers, format it as needed, save or export to CSV.
  • SIP server – Voicebuy SIP server will be available for you to use free of charge.
  • Mail server – VoIP reseller product users will also get e-mail service with their domain name (ex. info@mydomain.com). You will be able to automatically send updates to your customers via mailing list.
  • Ticket Server – VoIP resellers will have access to ticket management system with the help of which you can manage tickets from your customers.
  • IVR application – VoIP reseller users will have the opportunity to use IVR application in order to provide customers with the services such as Calling cards, Pinless and Call back.
  • Mobile Dialer application – VoIP resellers will also have the access to application, which will allow clients to perform VoIP calls from their mobile devices.
  • API SOAP – You may use our customized API SOAP for external managing VoIP services from your software or web applications.

The above mentioned proves one more time that the VoIP reseller program is a great opportunity for those, who want to start new profitable business in the field of new age technologies. The main advantage of Voicebuy VoIP reseller product is there are no specific requirements to become a reseller. So, if you are an individual or organization, who wants to start a new VoIP business without any large investments, become a reseller of VoIP services and get the necessary support from us, then our VoIP reseller program is just right for you.

Don’t miss your chance to build your own business today! Contact Voicebuy VoIP wholesale provider now for more information!

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