Voip Technology: Number Identification and Secure Calls

VoIP Technology

Thanks to VoIP technology, businesses and individuals can realize the challenges and solutions that are impossible to realize with the help of “Public Telephone Network”.

An example of this can be a possibility of transferring more than one call in the high-speed telephone connection. Thus, VoIP technology is most often used as a simple solution for adding an extra phone line, whether it is home or office.

Identification of the number of incoming call is one of the advantages of VoIP. This service is provided either free of charge or almost free, whereas in traditional telecommunication companies charge high prices for this service.

Another advantage of VoIP technology are secure calls with a standardized protocol (eg, SRTP). Many of the difficulties that exist for the safe telephone connection in standard telephone networks (such as the transmission of digital or digitized signals) have already been implemented in the VoIP technology. So, to enable secure connection, you only need to establish encrypted signal.

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