What is a SIP Phone?

SIP phone

SIP phone is a modern device that looks like a normal phone, which connects to the Internet and provides convenient and cost effective communications over Internet Protocol SIP. At the same time, SIP-phone works independently, without requiring a computer, a gateway or router, and allows subscribers to make calls as SIP-telephony subscribers with regular analog phones. SIP phone does not require a dedicated telephone line, as you only need internet for the VoIP equipment to work.

Unlike a regular analog phone, SIP phone supports a variety of business functions (translation, call hold, call forwarding, conference, etc.) and is quite easy to install and configure. For work you can use both wired and wireless SIP-phones.

SIP phone is intended for personal use and for use in offices. In the latter case, if you have multiple devices, it is possible to organize the office or corporate communications without the use of classical telephony. In this case the location of the phones or the companies does not matter, as it will be as simple as if they are located on adjacent tables. To get started, SIP-phone must be connected directly to the Internet, or router.

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