What Is Voip and Why You Need It for Your Business?

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP-telephony is Voice connection through Internet (as opposed to traditional telephone service, which is through telephone lines or mobile GSM/3G network). How does VoIP work?

Currently, the main purpose of IP-telephony is cheaper or free long distance and international calls. For making those calls you need to use the services of a VoIP provider and you can call from your computer, IP-phone or regular phone.

However, the main advantages of VoIP are for business, as using VoIP it is possible to build more efficient systems of corporate communications with a variety of voice services. The effectiveness of these systems (compared to traditional telephone services) is as follows:

  • More simple and cheap installation (as VoIP systems are based on the intranet)
  • Free voice calls within the company (even with a geographically distributed structure of the business)
  • Possibility to access all the communication capabilities at home and abroad
  • The ability to integrate voice services into business applications and business processes
  • Advanced features for call recording and maintaining statistics

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